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10 quick tips why you should own a SEBO vacuum cleaner

BODENPFLEGEGERATE) translated to English is Semi-Commercial Floor Care Equipment or more widely recognised as meaning “Quality”.


SEBO created the first modern commercial upright vacuum cleaner in 1978. SEBO introduced many features that are now common on vacuum cleaners, e.g. the integrated hose, direct-drive toothed belts and electrostatic micro filters. Light in weight, durable, and reliable, SEBO rapidly became the worlds bestselling machines, a position SEBO holds today.


SEBO is still the largest manufacturer of commercial upright vacuum cleaners and boasts a presence in over twenty countries. SEBO is still a family business with real care for the design and manufacture of the products it makes. SEBO has a brand name in the retail market, winning many accolades from consumer magazines such as Good Housekeeping, Ideal Homes and many others for the quality, performance and reliability of its vacuum cleaners. All SEBO vacuum cleaners are of anti-allergy design, indeed a SEBO machine was the first vacuum to be endorsed by the British Allergy Foundation for its overall anti-allergy design as opposed to just its filtration.

SEBO vacuum cleaners are all still made in Germany and the commitment to quality is as firm as ever.

10 quick tips why you should own a SEBO vacuum cleaner

  1. Award-winning vacuum cleaners – like don’t just take my word for it. Look at all these awards. From the Good Housekeeping Institute, Tomorrow’s Cleaning, Innovative Electrical Retailing (IER) Awards, British Allergy Foundation, Trusted Reviews, Independent Business Awards, iF Design Award, Get Connected and more! 
  2. Media accolades to compliment the awards cabinet for example:
    1. Trusted reviews – Airbelt E1 Pet – 10 out of 10.
    2. GMTV – 10 out of 10
    3. Daily Mail – 5 out of 5
    4. Perfect Home Magazine – Best Buy
    5. Your Home Magazine – Editors Choice
    6. Good Housekeeping Magazine – Best Buy
    7. Ideal Home Magazine – Best Buy
    8. Good Housekeeping Institute – K1, Consumer Quality Assessment Test accredited
    9. Home Magazine K1 – Editors Choice
    10. Real Homes – K1 – Editors Choice
    11. Home Magazine – K1 – Editors Choice
    12. Ideal Homes – K1 Komfort – Editors Choice
    13. Good Housekeeping – K1 Komfort – Best Cylinder Cleaner
    14. Good Housekeeping Institute – Felix – Consumer Quality Assessment Test accredited
  3. The Pink Ribbon Foundation partnership, and proud to introduce their pink vacuums the X7 Pastel Pink, Felix Rose, Felix Peony and K1 Pastel Pink. Sebo will make a donation to the Pink Ribbon Foundation from each machine sold, supporting those affected by breast cancer. Not only is this a lovely thing for SEBO to do it’s also close to my heart as my late Grandma suffered from breast cancer in the 1980s and underwent mastectomy surgery.
  4. Vacuums for all floor types! You’d be pleasantly surprised with the range SEBO offer from commercial upright vacuum cleaners, commercial cylinder vacuum cleaners, domestic upright vacuum cleaners, domestic cylinder vacuum cleaners. Some in lovely plain or pastel colours to complement your home decoration and others to make a statement piece with lovely designs. With a SEBO vacuum cleaner, you won’t be storing it out of sight.
  5. Reducing allergens. Many SEBO vacuum cleaners come certified by the British Allergy Foundation approval. Fantastic news for people like myself that has a dust and grass allergy yet works as a professional cleaner and grounds maintenance technician. With a SEBO I never have any allergic reactions. All SEBO domestic vacuum cleaners either come with or can be easily upgraded to S-Class standard filtration systems which remove a minimum of 99.97% of particles of 0.3 microns. The SEBO S-Class system will remove 100% of particles of 1 micron and above. Dust mite faeces are approximately 10 microns.
  6. Anti-allergy vacuum cleaners. All SEBO vacuum cleaners are designed to keep your home clean. A good vacuum cleaner will remove more of this debris than others and a very good one will ensure that this debris will not get back into the home either by being blown out through the filters or released when it is emptied. The SEBO filter bag system not only enhances filtration but also allows you to hygienically dispose of collected debris.
  7. Affectionate aftersales support. SEBO UK Ltd aftersales and support on social media is second to none. Whether you message them with a random enquiry at midnight because your bag won’t slide into position or you’re tagging them in an Instagram story they always respond at their earliest convenience. They also have a library of support videos on their website and technical help support line which is based in the UK and are contactable on 01494 465533.
  8. Cleans flat to the floor – without loss of suction. All SEBO vacuum cleaners are fully flexible to clean under furniture without lifting or loss of suction. Meaning you can vacuum under beds, tables etc without moving them making your deep clean a little easier!
  9. 5-year parts and labour guarantee. All SEBO domestic vacuum cleaners come with a 5-year parts and labour domestic use guarantee for manufacturing defects but I will guarantee you’ll never need to use this. My sister used to use a different brand [name of a large sea fish] and encountered problem after problem with broken cords, blockages, filters – you name it. Each time, the company would just send out a replacement part or new vacuum and that’s because of two things. They know their products are cheaply manufactured and two it doesn’t cost them much as they’re based in the tax haven Caymen Islands…
  10. A range of vacuum cleaners for all floor types. Whether you have cut pile carpet, loop pile carpet, hard floor or delicate flooring, there’s a SEBO to suit your home. The majority of SEBO domestic vacuum cleaners come equipped with computer-controlled systems that automatically adjust to the correct vacuuming height for the floor. This takes a couple of seconds to register and will automatically adjust the height of the brush bars to deep clean your carpet, rug, woven or tufted carpets.

As I shout from the rooftops about SEBO vacuum cleaners and how great they are I was invited to join their amazing affiliate programme in April 2021. The above 10 points are genuine and should not be classified as a ‘sales pitch’.

In addition to the above 10 quick tips you can also read SEBO (UK) Ltd reviews by clicking the following links:

Feefo reviews 4.8 out of 5.0

Trustpilot reviews 4.7 out of 5.0

If you have any questions regarding which SEBO vacuum would be best for your home or would like more information, please contact me on social media @CleanerCheshire on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok & Twitter or SEBO (UK) Ltd via @sebo_uk on Instagram or Sebo UK Ltd on Facebook.

If you’d like to treat yourself or a loved one to a SEBO vacuum cleaner, check out their website below by clicking the button.

SEBO website

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