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Cleaning that’s fit for the Queen

Cleaning that’s fit for the Queen, from the best vacuum cleaners, training and products bearing the Royal Warrant and our highest standards, eagle-eyed approach, certified cleaning products and equipment. As we celebrate the Platinum Jubilee this weekend, I thought it would be appropriate to link...

Hiring a Rug Doctor V Professional Carpet Cleaner

This blog has been written to compare results between Hiring a Rug Doctor V Professional Carpet Cleaner. We were contacted by a lady in Warrington to book in for a carpet and upholstery clean – so we’d had the usual chat, exchanged some images and...

Cleaner V Housekeeper

Cleaner V Housekeeper – the distinction between the two roles. Often, individuals refer to cleaners and housekeepers as the same, though call me particular, there’s a difference in the roles, cost and tasks. The main distinction between housekeeping and cleaning is that cleaning services focus...

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Coronavirus National Restrictions from 19th July 2021

Coronavirus National Restrictions from 19th July 2021

As you know, many of the remaining COVID-19 restrictions in England changed from Monday 19th July 2021. However, I wanted to explain to you why we will continue to ask you to observe social distancing and where possible wear a face covering.

Our priority is keeping you safe

Our number one priority is the safety of our clients and staff. Throughout the pandemic, we have followed HM Government Working safely during COVID-19 in other peoples homes guidance for employers, employees and the self-employed, these have not changed. We will therefore still ask you to:

  • Wear a face-covering whilst we are in the same vicinity¬†
  • We will attend appointments alone where possible
  • Use our hand sanitiser when we arrive, during and after all jobs
  • Confirm that you don’t have any symptoms of COVID-19
  • Call us if you need support and only allow our contractors to attend your home/job site if no occupants currently have any symptoms

We will be maintaining social distancing throughout all our activities, so please continue to follow any directions you receive from our teams.

Appointment availability

Due to the COVID-19 safety procedures, there are fewer appointments available. We are working to increase the number of appointments, however, this may take some time for us to train team members to provide additional services.

What to expect

If you have any further questions about what a visit from us will be like during this time, you can contact us directly and we will be happy to assist.