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What does an end of tenancy clean include?

End of tenancy/EOT clean is a specialist cleaning service that’s designed to completely clean your rental property before you officially move/check out of a property. The means the property is spick & span for the new tenant’s arrival and ensures your security deposit won’t be deducted for the letting agent sending in cleaners with an additional hidden 20% fee for the privilege.

As it’s a specialist, deep cleaning service, end of tenancy cleaning is slightly different to regular cleaning.

Cleaning companies usually use a checklist when completing an end of tenancy clean, to ensure that all areas are covered, and your deposit is returned in full.

Here at Cheshire Cleaning Co, we use a letting agency-approved checklist for our end of tenancy cleans. Our standard end of tenancy clean includes:

✅ Work surfaces and units 
including draws to be cleaned and free from grease (inside and out)
Sinks and taps to be cleaned and made free of limescale
Cooker, hoods and microwaves to be thoroughly cleaned inside and out and free from any debris
White goods to be thoroughly cleaned inside and out and free from any debris as well as left open to air out during void period

Bath, shower, WC & taps should be hygienically clean and free from limescale and mildew deposits. Shower curtains or shower screens also cleaned
Tiles and mirrors to be thoroughly cleaned on the inside, outside and underneath and free from streaks
Shelves and units to be thoroughly cleaned both on the inside, outside and underneath and free from streaks

The standard for all rooms
✅ Windows
cleaned inside including frames and sills and free from streaks
Walls and ceilings in all rooms to be cobweb free and free from stains and marks
The woodwork in all rooms including skirting board, doors and architrave free from dust and grease
Floors should be professionally vacuumed and stain-free – professional carpet cleaning available – extra charge for this service
✅ Switches/sockets/light fittings in all rooms should be free of dust, grease and finger marks
Curtains/blinds to be washed and ironed – extra charge for this service
Light bulbs to be replaced where applicable – extra charge for this service
Smoke alarms to be tested and replaced where applicable – extra charge for this service
Garage to be swept out, all rubbish removed
Garden to be left in a neat and tidy condition, free from weeds with lawn mown, paths tidy, flower and shrub beds maintained – extra charge for this service
Rubbish to be removed – extra charge for this service
Personal belongings must be removed prior to the end of tenancy clean taking place
Keys to be handed back to letting agent/property management company/landlord – extra charge for this service

If there’s anything else that you require during your end of tenancy clean contact us as we’re always happy to go that extra mile for our clients