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Hiring a Rug Doctor V Professional Carpet Cleaner

This blog has been written to compare results between Hiring a Rug Doctor V Professional Carpet Cleaner. We were contacted by a lady in Warrington to book in for a carpet and upholstery clean – so we’d had the usual chat, exchanged some images and had an idea of the client’s problems.

The clean was booked in and we attended on Wednesday. I decided to write this blog to demonstrate the importance of using a professional carpet cleaning technician over hiring a Rug Doctor (as was used in this case).

Setting the scene

Busy family home, both mum and dad work full-time. With a baby on the way (due date approximately 1 week after the clean taking place).

I arrived at the job and went inside first with my test kit, to identify and test the fibre of the carpet and vacuum cleaner to complete the pre-vacuuming before setting up the steam cleaner and selecting the correct cleaning products for the carpet type.

As we had already spoken to each other via WhatsApp, I knew the backstory was they had hired a Rug Doctor and attempted to clean the carpet themselves. Three days after cleaning (note that’s how long it took to dry) afterwards, the carpet turned brown with soil. In our industry, this is referred to as rapid re-soiling, where there’s inadequate pre-vacuuming, so any dry soil remained within the carpet, got wet during cleaning, then surfaced once the carpet was dry. Something Rug Doctor does not warn about when hiring their machines.

Rapid re-soiling is not exclusive to Rug Doctor, this can happen to us all but mainly happens when the carpet cleaning technician isn’t trained and doesn’t follow best practices.

We would never do this as our team are fully trained, and perform all carpet cleans in line with PAS86:2008 Public Available Standard, for the professional inspection, maintenance, cleaning and restoration of textile floor coverings. The holy bible of carpet cleaning (for professionals anyhow) as most unqualified/untrained technicians wouldn’t have a clue what PAS86 refers to…

I completed a burnt test of the carpet, this tells us what the carpet is manufactured with, and in this case, it was polypropylene. Knowing this we can set our clients expectations and jump straight into cleaning it. Starting with pre-vacuuming to loosen that dry soil, use a high alkaline pre-spray to release the dirt and neutralise this with an acidic rinse.

The featured image on this blog is the before and after of the carpet. The left image was after the client had used a Rug Doctor (left) and after we’d cleaned the carpet professionally (right).

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