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Crystallisation Carpet Cleaning

What you need to know about Crystallisation Carpet Cleaning

What you need to know about crystallisation carpet cleaning or encapsulation carpet cleaning which is more commonly known or referred to in the industry.

Crystallisation carpet cleaning is a low moisture carpet cleaning system that is designed for maintenance cleaning, where the carpet fibre is less than 25% soiling – by using this cleaning method, areas can be reused again almost instantly (within 30 minutes) once dry. In the industry, this would be referred to as a preventative, maintenance clean for light soil.

Crystallisation/encapsulation carpet cleaning uses polymers to seek out soil, coat them and then dry in small pellets that don’t adhere to the carpet fibres. The number one benefit of using crystallisation is that they allow for soil removal through dry vacuuming long after the shampooing itself is complete.


The method itself is straightforward and is broken down into 4 main steps.

  • Preparation of equipment

Prepare your machine and supplies. You’ll need a low/standard speed floor polisher or rectangular orbital machine, some bonnets or a carpet brush, a bucket for mixing water and shampoo, a pump-sprayer, numerous wet floor signs and your crystallisation solution.

  • Pre-vacuum thoroughly

Arguably the most important step. Begin with a clean, vacuumed carpet. It’s best to vacuum right before you commence. Then, set up wet floor signs around the area you are cleaning.

  • Machine clean

If you’re using a floor polisher/bonnet system, dunk the bonnets to moisten them in the bucket. You’ll moisten a bonnet, put it on your machine, mist the area to be cleaned with diluted encapsulation shampoo from your pump-up sprayer, and run the bonnet on one side till it’s dirty. Then, flip the bonnet & use the other side. Once both sides are dirty, moisten a clean bonnet and repeat the process. Your bonnets can be washed & re-used; however, you won’t want to stop the job to do that on the spot in most cases.

  • Work into carpet

It’s important to work the encapsulation solution into the carpet. Work in straight lines so you can clearly identify what areas have been cleaned & don’t be afraid to overlap your lines. You’ll save time as no rinsing is required; just be sure to follow dilution instructions carefully and vacuum up the encapsulated soils once the area is completely dry… With a professional vacuum below.

SEBO Vacuum Cleaners

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My first ever client had a 20-year-old vacuum cleaner still going strong, with minimal maintenance and repairs SEBO last a lifetime and are far more cost-effective than any other brand on the market.

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