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Pay Monthly Frequently Asked Questions

From January 2022 Cheshire Cleaning Co will offer customers monthly payments as a payment option for customers to pay manageable chunks towards cleaning services as and when they are able to make payments.

How this will work is that clients will choose a service in advance, our cleaning technician will visit their home to price up the job, for example and easy maths you choose to have three large rooms for carpet clean… The expected total cost will be £150.

Upon completion of the relevant paperwork, the customer must make a deposit payment of £50, followed by two monthly payments of £50 both on 1st February and 1st March. If the customer is unable to pay the final payment in March, they can pay again in April – so if the customer is unable to make a monthly payment that’s not a problem.

Once the final payment has settled, the clean is able to take place – think of it as a saving scheme.

We will schedule the clean, once the deposit is received, though this is not confirmed until the following two payments have been made in full – once the full amount has been paid, the appointment date will be confirmed.

Below, you will find our frequently asked questions which have already been answered and will be updated over the coming weeks should customers ask a question that is not already listed.

What services are available for monthly payments?

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Hard floor cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning

How does this work?

  • We visit your home to price up the job – you choose to pay in full or monthly.
  • If you pay in full upon completion, we’ll book in your clean ASAP.
  • If you choose to pay monthly, this acts as a saving scheme so that we are not giving credit or having to conduct credit searches, add interest etc. Similarly to how shopping vouchers work.

What if I change my mind?

  • If you chance your mind the money paid is non-transferrable and non-refundable.
  • At the point of sign-up to our services and opting to pay monthly, you engage in a legally binding contract which states you are paying towards your clean in advance.
  • If later you decide to withdraw, you will forfeit any money paid.
  • This is detailed in plain English within our pay monthly terms and conditions which are issued at the point of signing-up to our monthly payment scheme.

What date are payments made?

  • Your first payment – the deposit is paid when you sign-up in cash or by bank transfer.
  • Your monthly payments must be made by bank transfer on the following two months on the 1st day.

Why do I have to wait for the booking?

  • You need to pay in advance for the service, this works as a ‘saving scheme’ rather than having to give our clients credit, complete credit checks add interest onto the monthly payments etc.
  • If you require the clean sooner, you’re free to pay in full and have your service completed much sooner than 3 months’ time.
  • This is just a payment option to make our ad-hoc services accessible to everyone in the community.

Sample booking information

The information below is used to simulate a pay monthly booking – change dates as required:

  • 15/01/22 – Client contacts to make a booking selecting pay monthly option.
  • 17/01/22 – We attend their home to price up job, sign paperwork etc.
  • 18/01/22 – Client pays deposit to confirm booking.
  • 01/02/22 – Client makes second payment by bank transfer.
  • 01/03/22 – Client makes final payment by bank transfer.
  • 02/03/22 – The booking is able to go ahead as planned on the date selected upon quotation.

Why do I have to set-up a standing order when you advertise Direct Debit?

  • Direct Debit is a payment option for our regular cleaning services.
  • Direct Debits are collected on 1st each month, though our pay monthly saving scheme will not be covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee.
  • The best way for us to do this is standing order, putting you the client in control of payments due to the nature of allowing our customer greater control of their finance.
  • If you miss a payment, it’s fine, though with a DD – this could affect your credit rating.

What if I miss a payment?

  • If you miss a payment that is not a problem, just pay us the following month as normal on 1st day.
  • If you have a pre-booked date, this may now change due to the missed payment and so we will be in touch (unless you’re able to make a catch-up payment) to keep the original booking date.
  • If you are unable to make a catch-up payment, do not worry, we’ll arrange an alternative date with you.

How best to describe the pay monthly scheme?

  • The best way to describe this pay monthly scheme is £1 shopping stamps at supermarkets.
  • Rather than being forceful taking a Direct Debit, clients are in total control of payments.
  • Payments are a safe and effective way of providing a service to those that wish to spread the cost evenly over three months.

Is there a time limit?

  • Once you pay your deposit (first payment) all payments and your clean must be conducted within 365 days of that date.
  • We will always conduct your clean within the month of your final payment for example if your final payment is 1st March, we will complete your clean within March.

If you have a question that has not already been answered on these FAQ’s please contact us.

Matt the Cleaner Ltd, trading as Cheshire Cleaning Co since 1st February 2018. We operate throughout the north west of England, providing carpet, hard floor, upholstery cleaning services to commercial and domestic clients.

Further information can be found on our website and blog at

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We deliver throughout the north west, from our Widnes base.

When you book with us, you book with confidence, we’re backed by industry leaders:

  • TrustMark Government Endorsed Quality Scheme
  • Advanced Members of NCCA (National Carpet Cleaners Association)
  • WoolSafe Approved Service Providers
  • WoolSafe Fibre Care Specialist
  • BICSc (British Institute of Cleaning Science) Corporate Member

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