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Creating a cleaning schedule that works – Team TOMM

Creating a cleaning schedule that works is the key to successful household management at home. We all lead active lifestyles, with work, children, errands, shopping, hobbies, sports and leisure activities, visiting family (if permitted) during these times and other things that just make our lives wild.

This should not discourage you from enjoying a peaceful, clean and tidy home – since I feel a tidy home is a tidy mind.

If you went to Google search “Cleaning Schedule” you will find hundreds of thousands of cleaning schedules, many of which are beyond the realistic lifestyle of a normal individual.

Having been cleaning for around 25 years, I have picked up some handy tips along the way and incorporate these into my day to day work and whilst cleaning at home.

Gemma Bray (founder of Team TOMM – The Organised Mum Method) is a mum to three boys, a Sunday Times bestselling author and birth & postnatal doula.

Gemma has worked with hundreds of parents on a one-to-one basis and now helps hundreds of thousands more through her work as a social media influencer and creator.

Gem (The Organised Mum Method / Team TOMM founder) has created a handy way of keeping on top of household management, whilst still being able to enjoy chore-free weekends and breaks this down into a realistic and fun way to keep on top of your home. 

The main focus of Team TOMM – The Organised Mum Method is time management. All chores are spread across eight weeks, all housework is completed between Monday and Friday, which leaves weekends to enjoy time at home, with your friends or family and each day is broken up into sections – Level 1 tasks in the morning (quick 15 minutes), with level 2 jobs later on in the day (30 minutes) depending upon the size of your home. Then level 3 tasks which rotate over eight weeks.

Level 1 daily jobs

These never change and are the same every day! This is the minimum that needs to be done to maintain an orderly home. This is supposed to be a quick top-level tidy – aim for these takes to take no longer than 15 minutes. These are not included in your 30 minutes because it is assumed that you are doing some (if not all of them) already. Team TOMM – The Organised Mum Method is not a prescriptive list, every home is different – so tweak it to suit you and your home. When it comes to making beds – encourage your children/partner to join in to help ease the workload.

Level 2 day specific task

Each day is assigned specific jobs. These do not change so you will always know that Thursday is kitchen day and Monday is living room day. This will allow you to move your focus around the home, making sure that everywhere gets dealt with every week. Spend no more than 30 minutes on these – it doesn’t matter if you don’t get everything done, you will be back in the same area on the same day next week! And remember the longer you follow the method, the cleaner your house will become and it will be easier and quicker to clean! When you first start, look at the list of jobs as a pick and mix and start with the most urgent first, then work your way through. Pretty soon you’ll be smashing through it!

  • Monday – Living room
  • Tuesday – Bedrooms
  • Wednesday – Hall, stairs and landing
  • Thursday – Kitchen
  • Friday – Friday focus (see level 3)

Level 3 Friday focus 

To make sure your home gets a deep clean in all areas regularly there is a Friday focus.

Each Friday TOMM concentrates on a different area of the home ensuring that the jobs that need doing less frequently, get done.

  • Week 1 – Kids/spare bedrooms
  • Week 2 – Living room
  • Week 3 – Kitchen
  • Week 4 – Bathrooms
  • Week 5 – Master bedroom
  • Week 6 – Hall, stairs and landing
  • Week 7 – Room of your choice 
  • Week 8 – Garden/outdoor space

Team TOMM – The Organised Mum Method have an app that is available to download from Apple Store or Google Play – or if you prefer Gem has free printable PDF which are available to download from: The Organised Mum

The Organised Mum Method – Messy House Bootcamp

Gemma Bray, founder of Team TOMM – The Organised Mum Method also has a messy house Bootcamp for those homes that would benefit from whipping into shape before commencing the Team TOMM cleaning routine. Team TOMM Messy house Bootcamp has free printable PDF which are available to download from: The Organised Mum 

The Organised Mum Method – Clutter Buster

If you have a lot of clutter around your home, I suggest starting with the clutter buster. Team TOMM has free printable PDF which are available to download from: The Organised Mum

Get involved on social media

Gemma Bray, founder of Team TOMM has very active support groups on Facebook and Instagram as well as weekly podcasts and YouTube videos.

Check out her channels here and get your household chores in order!

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