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The Decline of Immedi-let Ltd – A Warrington based Letting Agency

On Friday 4th November 2022, Matt the Cleaner Ltd trading as Cheshire Cleaning Co successfully won a County Court Judgement against Immedi-let Ltd. The County Court Judgement was awarded under the Late Payment of Commercial Debt (Interest) Act 1998 due to a total of 281...

November Garden Jobs

The leaves are falling and the temperature has dropped, winter has officially arrived!  This time of year is busy for all gardeners as the fallen leaves are a problem for clients and contractors alike. Shorter days mean shorter working hours, unless of course you’re hardcore...

Leather Jackets In Your Lawn?

If left untreated, Leatherjackets can wreak havoc on your lovely lawns.  What are Leatherjackets?  Leatherjackets are the larvae of flies known as crane flies or daddy-longlegs. So, when daddy-longlegs lay eggs in your lawns, the resultant larvae – Leatherjackets, feast on the roots and young...

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Back to School Deep Cleaning – Cleaning Fit for the Head!

Back to School Deep Cleaning – Cleaning Fit for the Head!

It’s August Bank Holiday and we are preparing our vehicle for a deep clean of a Primary School ready for the children to go back on Monday 5th September 2022! Little do the students know, that during the summer holidays the whole school was re-wired by our client, a large electrical, plumbing, facilities management company, and deep cleaned by Cheshire Cleaning Co – US!

With the summer ending and the darker nights creeping in, schools across the country are currently gearing up for a new school year ahead. August is a quiet month for schools, and this is the best time for any planned works to take place, planning such works takes time and skill to ensure that all contractor’s work is finished and completed prior to the children starting their new term.

At Cheshire Cleaning Co we pride ourselves on being a small family-run business, which strives to deliver excellent service whether you are a landlord with one property, a small-medium business, an established organisation working alongside the Aviation and Defence Industry, or the Local Education Authority. We will deliver the same impressive results, ensuring that we set the benchmark for cleanliness within your workplace and overall achieve this by delivering our services in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner.

Ensure A Safe & Disinfected Learning Environment

Educational facilities need to provide a safe, clean and healthy environment for people to learn. Whether it is a nursery, school or university, students should be able to focus on the subject and should never be at risk of picking up germs or bacteria. Cheshire Cleaning Co’s systematic approach to cleaning educational facilities helps protect the health of your students and your staff. From daily cleaning to high-level disinfecting, we offer all levels of service to fit your needs and budget. We will also help you stay compliant with all regulations and standards with regard to the cleanliness of your establishment.

Our educational facility cleaning experts are backed by decades of experience and understand the unique requirements of these environments. With overnight and weekend cleaning availability, we will be sure to deliver a safe and healthy facility without ever disrupting your students and teachers.


Young children can easily spread germs, so their environments need to be routinely cleaned and disinfected to protect them and others. Ensure daycare centres and preschools are clean, sanitised, and disinfected with comprehensive cleaning services from Cheshire Cleaning Co. From classrooms, bathrooms, staff breakrooms, hallways and more, our preschool and daycare cleaning experts can clean it all.


A clean and safe school can help to minimize student and teacher sick days, resulting in a better learning experience for everyone. Keep your school clean and healthy with professional school cleaning services from Cheshire Cleaning Co. Let teachers and students stay focused on learning and leave the cleaning to us. Not only save your budget, we will also provide a better service than your local authority’s in-house school cleaning services!


Improve the learning environment for students, professors, and staff with immaculately cleaned and disinfected buildings and facilities. Our university cleaning specialists have the experience and expertise to efficiently clean frequently used areas like classrooms, science labs, offices, and more.


  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning and restoration
  • Hard floor cleaning and restoration
  • Commercial contract cleaning services (evenings/weekends)
  • Grounds Maintenance – RHS / City & Guilds Qualified Groundsmen
  • Accredited by BICSc (British Institute of Cleaning Science)
  • Accredited by NCCA (National Carpet Cleaners Association)
  • Accredited by TrustMark – Government Endorsed Quality Scheme