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The Decline of Immedi-let Ltd – A Warrington based Letting Agency

On Friday 4th November 2022, Matt the Cleaner Ltd trading as Cheshire Cleaning Co successfully won a County Court Judgement against Immedi-let Ltd. The County Court Judgement was awarded under the Late Payment of Commercial Debt (Interest) Act 1998 due to a total of 281...

November Garden Jobs

The leaves are falling and the temperature has dropped, winter has officially arrived!  This time of year is busy for all gardeners as the fallen leaves are a problem for clients and contractors alike. Shorter days mean shorter working hours, unless of course you’re hardcore...

Leather Jackets In Your Lawn?

If left untreated, Leatherjackets can wreak havoc on your lovely lawns.  What are Leatherjackets?  Leatherjackets are the larvae of flies known as crane flies or daddy-longlegs. So, when daddy-longlegs lay eggs in your lawns, the resultant larvae – Leatherjackets, feast on the roots and young...

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Cleaning That's Fit For The Queen

Cleaning that’s fit for the Queen

Cleaning that’s fit for the Queen, from the best vacuum cleaners, training and products bearing the Royal Warrant and our highest standards, eagle-eyed approach, certified cleaning products and equipment.

As we celebrate the Platinum Jubilee this weekend, I thought it would be appropriate to link the products, training and machines we use are also used by the Royal Household and bear the Royal Warrant which comes by appointment by Her Majesty The Queen…

Cheshire Cleaning Co commenced trading in February 2018. 

Since the beginning, we have strived to provide our clients with first-class services, by delivering proper cleaning, using tried and tested methods and where possible avoiding using any social media hacks as these have a short lifespan and usually involve having to buy a certain piece of kit to perform them.

Vacuum cleaners

Since our first client, we’ve used Sebo vacuum cleaners; we have a range of models from X7, X8, XP30 and BS360. I firmly believe that a professional cleaner requires a professional vacuum cleaner and that is why we’re proud to use Sebo vacuum cleaners on all our jobs.

Did you know that Sebo vacuum cleaners are used within the Royal Household? Currently, the Royal Household use Sebo XP10 which is available to purchase here – Sebo Website

Prochem Europe Ltd

It’s no secret that Cheshire Cleaning Co is one of the best carpet, hard floor and upholstery cleaners in the north west of England primarily down to the extensive training we have undertaken at Prochem’s National Training Academy in Chessington, near London.

Prochem Europe Ltd was founded in 1974 and manufactures an extensive range of specially developed carpet, fabric, floor and hard surface cleaning products together with a range of carpet and upholstery cleaning machines and accessories.

Prochem’s National Training Academy in Chessington, Surrey, supports this range with fully comprehensive training courses in the correct operation and use of both the equipment and cleaning products.

Prochem Europe Ltd is registered to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System.

Prochem Europe Ltd holds the Royal Warrant by appointment of Her Majesty The Queen – supplier of carpet cleaning products.

Vale Mill (Rochdale) T/A Minky

Minky Homecare, are a world leader in laundry hardware and textile manufacture. Minky remains a family-owned business and over 80% of our products are still manufactured to the highest quality at our state of the art factories in Rochdale (near Greater Manchester) in the North West of England.

We use a range of Minky products from theirErgo® Ironing Board and Minky SureGrip clothes pegs. 

Minky Homecare holds the Royal Warrant by appointment of Her Majesty The Queen – supplier of cleaning and laundry products.

26 years of cleaning experience

I commenced cleaning when I was 8 years old, helping my Grandma clean her home. It was something I thoroughly enjoyed, though, pay-day was even better! I would dust and clean all day long earning anything between 20-50 pence per job. Some days I would earn as much as £2.50 and that was mega bucks in the 90s and my tasks would include dusting/polishing ornaments, vacuuming throughout, cleaning inside and outside of her car, and helping guide the electrical cord on the lawn mower and turning over the boarders. 

Highest of standards

As I started at such a young age, standards for my Grandma were very high and have been maintained throughout the years.

My Grandma [Peggy] was very houseproud and my team and I carry the same high standards to all jobs in the present day.